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Deliveroo today launches Deliveroo Editions, a revolutionary platform that will enable hundreds of restaurants to reach new customers in cities around the world, without needing a high street premise.

Customers in Katong will gain access to over five leading restaurants, including Muchachos, Sacha & Sons, Blu Kouzina and Pho Stop as Deliveroo Editions brings chefs and restaurateurs to Katong, Singapore.

Deliveroo Editions gives restaurateurs the chance to launch, expand and test new innovations with delivery-only offerings, and are the result of extensive market analysis drawing on the unique data available to Deliveroo.

Using its own technology, Deliveroo can identify specific local cuisines missing in an area, identify customer demand for that missing cuisine and hand-pick restaurant brands that are most likely to appeal to customers in that area.

The roll-out will see Deliveroo provide restaurant partners with the infrastructure – including bespoke kitchens, local marketing support and fleets of riders – that allows them to launch delivery-only menus catered to local tastes.

Deliveroo Editions will also mean customers who want access to food from restaurants that have yet to open in their neighbourhood will be able to access their menus to enjoy at home – cooked by chefs employed and trained by the restaurants themselves.

Will Shu, CEO of Deliveroo says:

“Deliveroo Editions makes good on our promise to widen access to the world’s best food. By partnering with some of the top restaurants in the business – from unique independents to high-street favourites – we’re ensuring people have access to incredible food on demand.”

“By drawing on the unique technology that motors Deliveroo, we are able to identify gaps in the market and curate bespoke restaurant selections, meaning more choice for customers and the chance for our partners to scale. This is the biggest development in the market since Deliveroo first launched.”

The international roll-out comes after successful trials in the United Kingdom with leading restaurants, new food start ups and Michelin-starred restaurateurs. The trial resulted in thousands more deliveries for local riders as well as work for over 100 full-time restaurant employees.

Alongside established restaurant groups, Deliveroo Editions also works with independent restaurants and food start-ups.

With its authentic Greek cuisine the restaurant has become one of the preferred fine dining destinations in the Lion state. Blu’s full menu provides a variety of hearty, healthy and fresh experiences to your senses.

“Today we are taking the Blu Kouzina dining experience to the next level,” says owner Dennis Tsakiris. “Since opening in 2010, we have grown to become one of Singapore’s top restaurants. 

Thanks to our partnership with Deliveroo we will now take Blu to the next level and deliver our tasty Mediterranean food right to Singaporeans’ doorsteps, with haste but still living up to the strictest quality standards. Deliveroo’s user-friendly interface allows us to extend our services beyond the grounds of our establishment at Dempsey Hill. At the same time it gives Singaporeans a chance to indulge our dishes within the comfort of their home.”

Bryan Wong of Pho Stop said: “We are always looking for new ways to reach customers and have them try our food. Partnering with Deliveroo offers us that opportunity on a daily basis. With Deliveroo Editions, they take this a step further and allow us to easily make our food available in areas that were beyond our reach before. We can test the Katong market without having to invest in opening up an actual restaurant straight away, which helps us tremendously as an independent restaurant.”

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Deliveroo Editions:Driving the company beyond delivery by redefining access to the very best food!

Getting fillers in Singapore is pretty common as everybody wants to look good and enhance themselves. Whatever we want to look like, we can't possibly achieve that but with the help of aesthetics such as plastic surgery, botox and fillers, we can achieve the result that we wanted. 

Filler injections are a cosmetic treatment used to smooth wrinkles or pitted scars in the skin, usually on the face. They are also used to make the lips fuller. When injected under the skin, a filler raises or puffs up that area. - http://www.webmd.com/beauty/filler-injections
I can say that I DID depend on my face to earn money(don't think of the wrong idea) 
Why do I need fillers when I know that I've got the elements of the sharp feature. I was wrong. I didn't know that I do have a lazy eye, a face that everyone hates and despise.  I look pretty tired and old(that's what people say to me all the time) because my cheeks aren't that rosy and bouncy.

I really want to have a perfect face by doing a non-evasive procedure to achieve a greater height in terms of result, and that's where I turned to Kowayo Aesthetics.

I had a consultation with Dr KS Wong, expert in this industry and medical director of Kowayo Aesthetics and he pointed out a few things on my face. MY DAMN CHEEKS 

My cheeks aren't perfect. Most of the people out there, look at your own cheeks. My cheeks are actually sunken and down.. It makes me look weary when I'm outside and that's why people call me the... "Dulan-Face"

Kowayo Aesthetics uses Ellanse, a collagen stimulation in Singapore that lifts cheeks, forehead and chin. It has a natural facelifting effect by stimulating your body's collagen. Before the injection of fillers start, numbing cream was applied onto my face and with the professional help of the nurse, I felt calm. 

Why collagen? Collagen is one of the most important support structures that found naturally in our skin. It helps to maintain the appropriate tightness, elasticity and suppleness. 

Dr. Wong confirmed the area of my cheeks and did a quick check before proceeding.



Normal dermal fillers only address lines, wrinkles and folds but Ellanse does wonder. It stimulates your own collagen to really treat the underlying causes of facial aging and last up to 1-4 years for a natural youthful appearance. Say goodbye to all those collagens as I don't have to consume it anymore!

ELLANSE 2-in-1 Treatment immediately helps to correct your wrinkles, reshape, contour and reverse the signs of aging. The main treatment areas are temples and brow area, malar augmentation, nose reshaping, cheek, nasolabial folds, jaw line, chin definition and marionette lines! 

To be honest, the side effects was minor(redness, swelling or bruises) as everything was done professionally. 

Result may be vary depends on the individual. However for me, everything went smoothly and it was really natural. You can see that my cheeks rose up and I look more energetic.
TIME CHECK: The whole process was only 30 minutes and it changed my whole life..


Look at my cheeks! It's more radiant and my face looks more energetic and vibrant! 

Now I'm ready to spend my Valentine's Day happily and slay my #OOTD shots! 

Do check out Kowayo Aesthetics social media platforms! 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kowayo_aesthetic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kowayoaesthetic
Website: www.kowayo.com

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A fuller radiant face in less than 30 minutes!

Ning Life Pte Ltd, an e-commerce leading brand in Asia expand the Singapore business to E-Scooter and E-Bikes brands such as INOKIMCHEETAHLEHEAPOLLOE-TWOW and their very own brand, Ning.

Located in the Central Region of SingaporeNingLife extends their services by offering replacement of parts, free up to 12 months warranty for those who purchase and servicing for those who are riding out there.

The website http://www.ninglife.com itemize the latest fashion of E-Scooters in Singapore with the promise of the high-quality latest model and top sellers to solve the rise in demand in Singapore. Not only that, they are available on different e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopify, Q10, Tmall, and JD.com
Traveling around in Singapore can be quite a hassle as transportation fee is really expensive. Due to the high cost of living, many commuters convert themselves to full-fledged E-Scooter/E-Bikes riders. 

With the recent E-Scooter giveaway on Ning Life Facebook page, they gathered traction with the power of sharing through social media platform and reach out to at least 25,000 people on Facebook.
Muhammad Juwaidi Bin Muhammad Johari Apps, one of the contestants and the winner of the contest, residing in Johor Bahru for 5 years and studying in Nanyang Polytechnic, is pursuing his Diploma in Aeronautical and Aerospace Technology. To avoid the jam due to peak hour in Johor Bahru which last for around an hour, he set on his foot to start his journey to Singapore, along with the other commuters together with her sister. “The walk is tiring as there’s an uphill and the Causeway is quite lengthy. I’ll sweat a lot once I reached Singapore” he commented.

The main purpose of Ning Life is to bring up a different perspective of E-Scooter and E-Bike in the Singapore market by delivering fun and joy to ensure riders to ride with responsibility. 

Ning Life’s aim is to ease and cut down travel time for E-Riders. Travel safely, comfortably and responsibly with the right attitude.

From now till 28th February, customers will be entitled up to 20% off specific E-Scooters/E-Bikes brands when purchased.

For more information, head over to their Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ninglife and their website at http://www.ninglife.com

Head down to their service center and showroom or call for inquiries.

Address: 160 Paya Lebar Road, Orion Industrial Building, and #04-04, S409022
Tel: +65 6887 1120
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Winner of Ning Urban Sport scooter now save 30 minutes walk from the Causeway to Singapore!

Do you want to share your food thoughts/pictures across the internet and at the same time, you can earn achievement and medals just by sharing? You're at the right page. 

ehbuzz.com is an authentic one-stop guide for you to know and introduce trending buzzes and outlets!

The community allows you to earn points, badges and levels today!

It was 2014, and four friends were brainstorming for places to go. They lament about how hard it is to find the best places in Singapore.

They decided to solve the problem, and a web portal ehbuzz.com was created.

The portal spans across three main areas: Gourmet, Beauty and Fashion.
Members are given the opportunity to create and curate fun, dynamic and engaging content that are authentic, genuine and real-time. 

One good thing about this is that you can sign up with your Facebook or just type in your email and password! It's pretty accessible and convenient for me so that at least I don't have to remember my password. 

So what's the layout like? 

Once you signed up/logged in, you will be able to access to this page. As you can see, there're different types of restaurants/cafes for you to choose from. The order goes by the highest rating to the lowest rating. 

I am going to click on OneTwo Kitchen as it was one of my favourite Korean restaurant! Check out my blog here: http://www.geraldpng.com/2017/01/5-ways-to-choose-best-korean-bbq-in-Singapore-OneTwo-Kitchen.html

OneTwo Kitchen

As you can see, there’s price range, distance, fans and the rating of the restaurant. Of course, there’ll be address, the value of the food, quality and service. You can add your tags for your restaurant like “korean bbq”, “korean fried chicken”, “kimchi” and many more! 

You also get to see what is buzzing in the outlet like one of the most rated dish, Korean Fried Chicken which was really really good and delectable. Their soy garlic chicken was one of the best fried chicken I ever tasted.

In this tab, you can actually find "Outlets", "Introduce Outlet", "Buzzes", "Hunters" and "Missions" 

Outlets- To find different outlet in the platform
Introduce Outlet - get to introduce an outlet on the platform 
Buzzes - to add on buzzes and attractions onto the platform
Hunters - To check out different food hunters/influencers 
Missions - there are various missions for you to clear to earn medal

1st way to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION

Introduce as many outlets as you can. As you can see, you can type in the outlet title, address, price range and tags. The more interesting your food is, the more substantial and interesting your content can be. It will actually generate awareness and high interest of different hunters to buzz your outlet.

2nd way to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION 

Groom your profile. For example, add in your instagram link, blog link and try to tidy up your profile so that hunters who see your profile will have a good impression of you. As you can see, I have 11 followers, level 5 and some medals. How do I get them?

3rd way to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION 

Clear all those missions that are available to earn medals + exp so that you can level up faster! As you can see, there are different types of mission for you to go through like earning the title of "Influencer", "Idol", "Buzz Champion" by sharing, gaining followers and introducing different types of outlet. 

Here are some of the medals that I've gained so far. 







CHECK OUT THEIR FB PAGE! : https://www.facebook.com/ehbuzzSG/

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3 Ways to become a LEGIT FOOD CHAMPION with EhBuzz!

During my young, prepubescent years, it was always a constant battle between hair dye boxes. Coveting for a new hair colour every other month eventually took its toll and reduced my hair to a multi-spectrum mess of colours. It's hard to tell the difference under the naked eye, especially if your hair colour is dark. However once you start bleaching your hair, the inconsistency will start to show and it's near impossible to attain a clean, uniform hair colour anymore unless you grow out your hair (Probably every girl's worse nightmare!).

After graduating from Polytechnic last year, I ventured on to brighter and bolder colours like Blonde, Purple and Turquoise which can be quite a handful to take care of without the supervision of an expert.

Working together with Kenjo Hair Salon came at the perfect timing. As a result of multiple bleaching sessions, my once-prized locks had became irreparably damaged. 

This time, I entrusted the professionals to breathe life back into them.

1 - Consultation with my Stylist, William
Sat down for a consultation with my stylist, William, who is a Senior Stylist at Kenjo. With over 8 years of experience in his arsenal, it was reassuring that my locks were in safe hands. Here, I was introduced to the Davines line of products. Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983, the Davines group produces high-end hair care products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide. By creating beauty sustainably, Davines encourages people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, of the things they love. 

Only using high grade, natural ingredients and being low in ammonia helps to reduce the amount of chemicals during each treatment. This is great for people with bleached, dry hair like myself since you can achieve a fresh new hair colour without worrying about damaging your hair further. (Yay!)

2 - Taking it a Shade Lighter with Ammonia Free Bleach from Davines
To bring my hair colour a shade lighter so that my ash will show better, William used Davines' A New Colour Bleaching Powder and Cream Base. Enriched with metasilicate, it is a low-volatility, low-dust and ammonia-free bleaching powder that can lighten up to seven levels.

3 - Strengthen and Nourishing Hair with Olaplex
You may have heard of Olaplex if you frequently watch hair transformation videos by Hollywood Hair Stylist, Guy Tang. It is frequently applied on brittle and damaged hair as a bond multiplier to restore the strength, structure and integrity of hair before, during and after a hair service.

My hair used to be the consistency of a rubber band, for instance, if I were to tread them between two fingers and pulled, the strand would break apart easily. As a result, I started to see more breakage and strands left on my comb after brushing. After my visit I've seen an improvement in the condition of my hair and I must say that it's a lot healthier than before.

4 - Achieving Ash Grey-Brown Tones
You'll be pampered here, as the stylists take pride in their work. William meticulously applied a generous amount of hair dye to each section of hair before moving on to the next. It is a time-consuming process so you might want to bring something to occupy yourself for the next 6 - 7 hours.

5 - Silver Shampoo to Let the Ash Shine Through
In order to brighten the ash tones and cancel out yellow undertones, Davines' Silver Alchemic Shampoo was liberally applied on my hair. Not only so, the shampoo also contains ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Milk Proteins for intense conditioning and protecting action; Mild Sucfactants for gentle and careful cleansing of the hair and Provitamin B5 for deep moisturizing action.

6 - Restructuring Frail Hair with a Miracle Potion
Infused with keratin, the Davines Nourishing Restructuring Miracle was also used as an additional treatment to strengthen and restructure my frail hair. 

7 - All In One Milk Spray to Eliminate Hair Problems
Last but not least, a generous spritz of the Davines Oi All in One Milk treatment all over my hair completed the hair makeover. It is important to be thorough with hair treatments for bleached hair after all the chemicals it has been through! Kenjo Hair Salon treated me so well such that I've now become a proud owner of luscious hair with a new hair colour for Chinese New Year to boot.

Saying hello to an Ash Brown Balayage.

Thank you Gerald for making this hair transformation possible!

The good people at Kenjo Korean Hair Salon also wants to extend this opportunity to give your hair a makeover this new year. Simply mention <GERALD> or <PHYLICIA> and flash our Instagram profiles at the cashier in order to receive 15% off ALL hair services. Don't forget to ask for Davines hair products or Olaplex if you have frail and damaged hair like myself!

Kenjo Korean Hair Salon
68 Orchard Road, #04-72, Plaza Singapura (New Wing)
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6238 8083

Transform Damaged Hair to Fresh, Gorgeous Locks for Chinese New Year!