My name is Gerald. Basically, I'm a lifestyle blogger who loves food, travel, tech, fashion and nature. I'm a vintage and hipster lover. I do have a toy poodle and his name is Milo. You'll be able to see what kind of post I'll be blogging about.

Food lover, futuristic lover, animal lover, fashion terrorist(sometimes I can be a disaster), a normal human being who loves to rant as much as possible.

An extraordinary vain guy who keeps upgrading and polishing himself by updating and believe in slow progress.

Photoshop:          50%

Ranting:             70%

Beatboxing:      80%


Teenage Gorgeous Skin 2015 Winner
Teenage Gorgeous You Social Challenge 2015 1st-Winner Runner Up
Feet Haven Digital Ambassador 2015
Imperial Spa Ambassador 2015
Foodpanda Advertisement, "The Office Champion 

A guy who loves different crazy hair colors.



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